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I know guys like him in LA who are getting botox and fillers at 28 years old. R13, he was an HIV-positive gay male on a show popular with gay males, and he had to leave that show because of health reasons.

It is certainly within reason that the average Datalounger has at least heard of this tired old mess.

Jack would look a lot better in those photos if he relaxed his mouth/jaw and didn't do that controlled-prissy-smirky lips thing every time.

His overall looks as a canvas to work on are very handsome. the idea that you can be HIV and very fit, healthy, attractive.

Like a treadmill never getting ahead and then broke, unless you find a sugardaddy. I guess I'm not piling onto the hate here because I don't know him. Over the last year or so he has become unrecognizable--it's either steroids or he's just getting fat , but I only recognize him by his elbow tattoo.Just going by photo images.[quote]that kind of body cannot come through a sales receipt. He's most likely on some kind of testosterone therapy as part of his HIV treatment and he's taken it to the next level. I *would* believe Jed Athens, (1) if only he wasn't known for being a psychotic liar who made up dating Erik Rhodes around the time he died - something which Erik's own straight twin brother had to come out and deny; and MOST IMPORTANTLY,(2) if Jack wasn't a cumdump powerbottom who couldn't fuck anyone or anything if his life depended on it... I'm the same guys whose friend was propositioned to do raw on Manhunt by him... The shots you might see in an as are publicity shots takes years ago. He does seem very much a part of the muscle queen scene.The augmented look is not particular to Mackenroth. As in PROSTITUTE, not famewhore (well, both) The fact that I interacted with him a couple times and he seemed like a vile human being leads me not to be so sorry over this new career move. I'm going to copy this for you from the other thread:'Do the following experiment, if either of you have the Whastapp app.(1) Go to the Rentmen page and add to your regular phone the number of the prostitute on the aforementioned page... There is little more to preface this with, really... Give him any name (Jack Mackenroth, or Joe Doe Whore, whatever).(2) Then open your Whatsapp app.(3) Once inside the app, click on the STAR (Favorites) icon at the bottom very left corner of the screen...

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If someone doesn't turn you on it is no reason to cut them up. In Project Runway he looks cute but not nearly that attractive. Doesn't the act of asking us to look at a naked man's pictures pretty much indicate that whatever is "beyond the shell" isn't really all that important? (And the guy IS definitely eye candy.) Yeah, it's shallow. Wanna discuss his personality, HIV status, or what's "beyond the shell"?