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Together they constructed the six-bedroom home that includes a garden with apples, peaches, and plums, a stone bridge and — get this — a koi-filled moat. It was reported that the house was offered furnished, by Dre opted to bring in his own furniture. He received permits in 2018 to do some serious excavating under the property. He gave up his sweet gig with Brady and Bundchen to launch his brand, which includes a food service, Avail, his role as a partner chef at Art Science restaurant in the Boston-area, and co-writing the book We know Brady and Bundchen are ridiculously wealthy, but exactly how much are they worth combined?

The total bill allegedly came out to million, according to Not long after moving in, the couple surprisingly put the home on the market for million in 2014. What exactly he has planned remains unclear at the time of publishing. And how does their wealth compare to that of other celebrity couples?

Brady — ever the golf enthusiast — has been spotted playing on the course since getting accepted.

Just because Brady was set to play one of the most important games of his career at Super Bowl LIII in 2019 — a Super Bowl that ultimately gave him his sixth championship ring, more than any other player in NFL history — didn't mean he couldn't make some time for fashion.

They had a chicken coop at their Los Angeles home, which is where they would get their eggs. 10 he wore in college at the University of Michigan had already been taken by a punter.

For one, it's located conveniently next door to their home.

And secondly, the golf course is said to be one of the best in country club.

So I thought maybe it would be the perfect time to fly helicopters and this is what I did." that Bundchen interest in all things aviation was also due to her role as goodwill ambassador for the UN's Environment Programme: "She is trying to promote alternative fuel, and she's going to be very active doing that." Family and friends who visit Brady and Bundchen's lavish mansion don't leave empty-handed.

The couple has so many pairs of UGG slippers thanks to Brady's endorsement deal with the luxury shoe brand that Bundchen literally gives them away to visitors.

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The other was the world's highest-paid model from 2002 to 2017.