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Intimidating shout wowwiki

even so, he hates both sides to keep his rage bar full.

- when saurfang was level 10, he joined the queue for warsong gulch. his first cleave cleaved the battlefield in half, his second killed both spirit guides, his third killed everyone else.

I think people would already argue that 25-man guilds have suffered enough.

He said that 5man heroics would be on par with normal raids in terms of loot.

Both Blackarrows and the Warleaders are of the Uruk race so both share the same Racial Corruption traits.

Tûzantar in Gramsfoot is the corruption Skill and trait vendor.

They are no longer supposed to be a challenge because of how easily accessible they are.

So basically what I'm saying is that LFD Heroic Dungeons should be on par with the difficulty of LFR Raids due to the wide amount of people that have access to them, and more specifically, the 'under performers' that have access to them.

I want BC heroics back - with mobs that cc-spam the tank, oneshot non-tanks, and with stealthed random patrols all over the place that carry a cheap shot with your healer's name on it. They were challenging enough to provide a fun experience and you actually had to pay attention to the mechanics, but weren't balls-to-the-wall like in B. Cata launch heroics weren't all that hard (unless you had literally no CC and a shaman healer - shamans were such shit for months after launch).Honestly, as long as they keep the heroics between Wrath and the ZA/ZG heroics, I will be fine.The ZA/ZG heroics were too long for my tastes and the Wrath ones were too short after you got insanely geared.So, forcing your raid to split into two/five in order to progress, as well as enforcing that three of your seventeen DPS have tank offspecs as well as one of your six healers having a DPS offspec in 25 man guilds.

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He will provide you with the option to trade trophies for advanced Uruk Racial Skills and Traits beginning at Rank 5 and continuing through Rank 15.