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Intercultural dating tips

Lisa, having visited Canada, is also more accustomed to eating bigger breakfasts or “Sunday brunch” when we go out.

In the end, food isn’t a huge deal for us since we are open-minded, well-traveled, and not picky!

We wanted to write a blog post about some of these challenges and what we have done (and are doing) to overcome them since we know that there are many more intercultural couples out there.

We always like hearing or reading about other couples’ experiences, so it’s only fair that we share our story as well.

Generally, breakfast in North America can be bigger and greasier than in Europe.A challenge we sometimes face is having grown up with different movies, TV shows, games, books etc.When talking about our childhood memories, we sometimes forget that the other person might have no idea what we are talking about since they have never even seen that TV show we loved as a kid. One thing that has helped us in these cases is to be honest with each other – this way it never really becomes a challenge.Depending on where you are from, this might not be a problem for every intercultural couple, but it has been an issue for us.Lisa’s native language is German and while she speaks English quite well, not everyone in her family does.

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