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In living color wanda dating game youtube

broke boundaries for its time featuring a nearly all Asian cast depicting a Korean-American family in 1994.The sitcom introduced the world to standup comedian Margaret Cho who played her semi-autobiographical role Margaret Kim; a Korean-American girl that juggles the culture clash between her traditionally Korean family and the very different American world she lives in.Cartoons were riddled with adult humor and sitcoms depicted less than stellar family situations.While some got away with it, others sadly were tossed in the can.

Bellisario presented the cliffhanging finale to the network, the cast and crew were promised there would be a sixth season. Both Bakula and Bellisario publicly professed their upset, as did fans.

was a beloved sitcom that followed likably hip teen Blossom Russo, who was perfectly played by Mayim Bialik.

Although the show focused on serious plot lines, like growing up with a mother who left the family to pursuit a career, it was a comedy that had Jenna von Oy playing Blossom's best friend and partner in crime, Six Le Meure.

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It's always depressing when you find out your favorite TV show has been cancelled.

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In an infamous episode, Blossom faced a violent attack from a boy she was dating.