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In cellvalidating event

Error Text = "Zero is not a valid track" songs Data Grid View. Error Text = _ "Zero is not a valid track" Return False Else If Not Integer.

Form Private With Events data Grid View1 As New Data Grid View() Private binding Source1 As New Binding Source() Public Sub New() ' Initialize the form. Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles data Grid View1. Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(select Command, connection String) Dim data As New Data Table() data. When you display data entry functionality to users, you frequently have to validate the data entered into your form.The Data Grid View class provides a convenient way to perform validation before data is committed to the data store.

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The two issues do deal with validation but they are very different and they are not linked. Causes Validation Property: Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control causes validation to be performed on any controls that require validation when it receives focus.