If cursor not updating rollback is required

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When the expert mode is on, the message 00344 "No batch input data for screen & &" is emitted when you run in A or E display mode.Note: in other modes (N/P), this message is always emitted.

= row[1] print " updated regions found".format(len(updated_rid_dict)) # returns 594 # Open an edit session and attempt to find all the regions in updated_rid_dict edit =

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During the execution of a recording, the system checks whether the field name exists in the above BDC_SUBSCR, and if not, looks for the field name in the main screen and all its subscreens.

I need to go through a feature class and break numbers up into 100 groups. My update cursor changes the first row, and then the insert cursors inserts the remaining rows. Update Cursor(fc, "*") as update Curs: old Value = [] # initialize empty value for row in update Curs: old Value = [row Val for row Val in row] # read row into array try: # do stuff del update Curs except Exception, e: # reset row to old row value for i in range(0, len(old Value)): row[i] = old Value[i] # set row values # rollback update Curs.update Row(old Value) The problem here is that it would only correct the last row updated, but not the all the previous ones before it.

The update and insert work fine, but when an error occurs the updated values remain causing the sequences to be incorrect, which of course means I need to re-export the feature class and start over again. Row attributes: all other row attributes like geometry are set using the initial row being expanded, which currently are all points. Editor(workspace) # start edit session # undo = enabled # multiuser = False to allow full control over a nonversioned / versioned dataset edit.start Editing(with_undo = True, multiuser_mode = False) #start operations used in edit sessions edit.start Operation() with

I can literally change "Update Cursor" to "Search Cursor" and suddenly arcpy can find all the polygons in updated_rid_dict. UPDATE: Using normal cursors does not fix the problem. Update Cursor() iterates through every record up to OID 16781, then stops.

I change it back to "Update Cursor" and arcpy can only find some of the regions. Does Update Cursor have some sort of limitations I'm not aware of? # Open an edit session and attempt to find all the regions in updated_rid_dict edit =

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It works the same as CTU with Display Mode "A", but it's surrounded by kernel calls to SET_TRANS_VAR for activating and deactivating the recording: among other things, before CTU, there are call 'SET_TRANS_VAR' id 'RECORDING' field 'X' and CALL 'SET_TRANS_VAR' ID 'ACTIV' FIELD 'X', and after CTU, there is call 'SET_TRANS_VAR' id 'RECORDING' field ' '.

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