Identifying dating bottles

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Identifying dating bottles

Back to Top Neva: Digit-Eyes is an app for your i Phone that allows you to read many things, including prescription medication labels, if your pharmacist will print a "QR" code that is readable by Digit-Eyes. May cause drowsiness."The recording lasts about a minute and allows the pharmacist to include information like description of the pill as well as other precautions and warnings.Each prescription is then labeled with a Radio Frequency ID Identification Label (RFID) and that RFID tag has all the printed information on the label embedded electronically. There's a slide, or rolling switch, to turn it on in the front.

Or if you have a refreshable braille display connected to your computer it can also be displayed in braille. Consumer: I heard if I'm a veteran I might be able to get it for free. Through the VA, a veteran who needs prescription label information read aloud can receive a Scrip Talk and get their prescriptions through the VA with a Scrip Talk label on them.

This eliminates the possibility of human error and sounds like this:"George Washington, med X. It's a battery-operated base station that can either hang on a wall or sit on a countertop.

A QR code is a code very similar to a barcode, only it's not shaped like a barcode and it embeds electronic information.

You start the seven-day tracker with Monday morning. The same thing is true of the four-time-a-day Take-n-Slide. You take your lunch pills with lunch, and each time you slide a switch over.

Then you take an afternoon nap and when you wake up from your nap you think Did I take my noon pills?

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