Htc android friend stream not updating

Posted by / 27-Aug-2020 09:54

You can set different sorting options - alphabetically, most recent or oldest - but you can't rearrange them manually.

There's an alternative list layout too if that's what you prefer.

They are quite useful especially when you have lots of installed applications.

Tapping the Personalize button brings out a whole screen of items to choose from for the display (scenes, wallpapers and skin), for the homescreen (widgets, shortcuts, folders, etc.) and even sounds (ringtones, alarms, notifications and Sound set).

Finally, there's the Clock lockscreen, which shows a bigger clock - you can pick any of the 11 clock widgets you have.Going further than the lockscreen reveals the Sense homescreen.There, we meet a scroll arc at the bottom that is just an indication of which homescreen pane youre on it can't be used for actual scrolling.They can also replace the standard dock, lockscreen and widget frames with custom ones or change their shape.The app drawer has the typical grid layout, which is composed of vertical pages with icons.

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