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Experiment by leading with your journalistic curiosity instead of your judgment. Since your sign is motivated by beauty, use aesthetics as a motivating factor.

Instead of cleaning up your workspace, how about redecorating it?

If you need to assert your boundaries, do so before they get trampled on.

(Which might be a moment when your notorious stinger cannot be contained!

Visionary ideas will emerge, even if it’s not obvious how to implement them in real time quite yet.

Don’t stress about the how; just dream about what could be. With the moon hovering in your collaborative eleventh house, a solo mission could evolve into a shared one.

The chase may be exhilarating, but once you’ve got your catch, it won’t be much fun if you’re stuck with someone you can’t trust.On the upside, this flowy energy allows you to effortlessly connect to other people.Anything involving a spreadsheet or strategic thinking is probably best shuffled to tomorrow’s task list.) Even the annoying people probably aren’t TRYING to invade your space.So just say no or a polite version of “back off” so you can get lost in whatever makes you happy today, from a creative work project to your summer novel. With the moon in your dreamy twelfth house, your concentration abilities won’t be at optimal levels.

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Instead of making blanket statements or trying to convince people to see your point, ask open-ended questions. A few of your long-held assumptions could be proven wrong. You could find yourself in a nitpicky mood, consumed with each and every last detail.