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Based on a vast psychological literature on human patterns of behavior, Fisher posited that certain hormones and neurotransmitters are key to activating human attraction and bonding.

Lust, sure, but she guessed that the presence of these hormones and neurotransmitters would correlate with our impulses to fall in love and to pair-bond.

I figured it out—and I walked out on him," she says. "From then on," Fisher says, "we continued to have a wonderful relationship, but it was no longer sexual. We spent every Christmas, every Thanksgiving—every holiday—together until he died. I'd talk to him five times a day." Their deep attachment survived Fisher's plunge into a "raging romance" with another man—even despite the fact, she says with a chuckle, that the two men couldn't stand each other.The simplest way to describe the difference between MRI and f MRI is that MRI can see structure, and thus structural anomalies, but f MRI can see metabolic function—i.e., blood flow to areas of the brain.Fisher needed a colleague at a major medical facility with one of these fancy new machines, and more or less out of the blue she contacted Lucy L.Last spring, a thoroughly revised new edition of her best-known book, 1992's (Norton)—which landed her a four-part series on TBS—was published.In it, Fisher demonstrates, among other things, how her theory a generation ago about how our brains work in love has been validated by neuroscientific research.

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