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Understanding the differences between pipes built in Mansell Street, Prescott Street and Grosvenor Street is an exciting challenge, as well as being able to spot the difference between a pipe that has the "£" Lane stamp, but belongs to the period 1955-1960 (when Lane was simple importer for the USA) from a pipe that has the "£" but it belongs to the next period (when Lane becomes the owner of the brand).

Another interesting challenge is the study of the latter period.

At that time I was in touch with many of these carvers in order to learn more about that.

The actual challenge of Charatan collectors or enthusiasts is not really the dating (which as you'll see from this article is fairly easy, once you understand the necessary classification on aspects of the various "eras"), but beyond that the ability to recognize the master's hand that created the Charatan pipe.

With this article, therefore, I will try to shed light, hoping to provide a useful reference tool for enthusiasts. 36-46 of Volume 7, Number 4 - Winter 2003 , the notes and memories of Mrs.

I want to dedicate this first article to the newborn forum D: O. N., even considering the 'British' print that my friend Claudio wanted for it as a new incarnation of A. Ivy Ryan , the book "The Ultimate Pipe Book" by Richard Carleton Hacker , the book "Twenty Catalogs from 5 English Pipe Makers" by John C. The spark of inspiration for dating Charatans arrived one day a few years ago, while I met Mario Lubinski who had acquired a very huge stock of Charatan pipes from every era.

Nothing is said especially of the revival that started in the year 2000, and the move of production of Charatans to Colin Fromm 's Invicta, recently acquired by Dunhill precisely for this revival project, that involves some of the brands owned. Charatan was founded by Frederick Charatan in 1863 in London.

Mr Charatan was an immigrant full of ambition who immediately attempted to create an elite product.

The very first comparison was represented by Dunhill, that had always produced pipes characterised by a maniacal desire for consistency and quality control. The imprint left by its various managements, until the '80s, was to commission the creation of new pipes to "master carvers" with individual characteristics in their work.

For the translation I used the words 'stem' or 'mouthpiece' as perfect synonyms. I have had the idea for a long time to publish on the web a collection of articles about dating and history of brands of pipes, especially English makes.

If you have any question about the translation feel free to email me at mailto:[email protected], but if you want to point out or clarify any of the details, please contact directly. Therefore, I finally decided to start the exercise discussing the most difficult brand to date..pardon, one of the easiest to date.

He characterized the production by ceaselessly improving even the smallest detail of the pipes that were already considered an absolute reference point.

In the meantime the production had moved to Grosvenor Street.

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For collectors, a Charatan known to be Barry Jones would be gold....

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