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George lucas dating black woman

Though Lucas’ success has been well documented for decades now, Hobson is a baller in her own right.

She serves as president to Chicago’s billion investment firm, Ariel Investments, LLC, a company that is rumored to be among the largest African-American-owned money management and mutual fund companies in the nation.

She’s also a chairwoman for Dreamworks Animation and is a regular financial contributor on “Good Morning America.” In the words of Neyo, “she got her own.” The second marriage for Lucas, and the first for Hobson, there’s no word on where the couple will wed.

It’ll be interesting to see what this dynamic duo is able to accomplish together.

Her sister and I didn’t get along well at first but when she saw her sister starting to like me and we were spending more time together she slowly warmed up to it.

I also started spending time with her sister going out to local ice cream parlors and taking her with us to restaurants.

I’ve experienced the bias towards black people, and against white people.

Hobson's big in show biz, too: Though Lucas is one of the most-recognizable names in Hollywood, Hobson has made a name for herself in movies as well.There are plenty of white men who are attracted to black women, I’m one of them.Perhaps for some white guys there might be issues with cultural differences and public bias against interracial relationships.George Lucas has reportedly popped the question to longtime girlfriend Mellody Hobson.Read this article to find out everything you need to know about the woman who just got engaged to the man behind the “Star Wars” empire (no pun intended.)Lucas sold Lucas Film Ltd.

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