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Finland sex

I mean, Denmark's minister of immigration and integration literally postede a picture where she celebrated with a cake with the number "50" after she had made 50 strict immigration laws:

Ironic that her political party is named "venstre", witch is literally translated to "the left" : DIt's impossible for an animal to give consent, so the goverment in Denmark never really cared about the law, until the medias around the world kept talking about it.

tf its this shit Thing is that rape is described in the law as forced action etc, and they couldn't prove that there was any forcing and as such decided to judge it only as sexual abuse.

but saying that it is permitted is kinda overexaggerated death penalty to child raping refugees would be

Finnish development policy continues to prioritize gender equality and the rights and empowerment of women and girls.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights is key in gender equality and human rights work.

The event happened and these media outlets covered it simple as that. Do you really think MSM would even do a story on this when it goes against ((their)) narrative. Sure these conservative sites covered it selectively because it goes with their narrative but the same way MSM will cover stories about a black guy getting beat by a cop like its a daily occurence and white people never get hurt by cops That's true. ) The different is that you apprently give immigrant speciel treatment.

Do that shit as an immigrant in Denmark, and you will get to live in a hellhole: com/2018/12/05/europe/denmar.. Maybe Denmark just in generel have a very different political climate.

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I believe there only have been one single case, for about 5 years ago or so, where a sick man banged a cow or something like that : DThis is just for one case, clickbait article as always.

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