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Alex is a bull rider and personal trainer who has celeb clients like Mark Consuelos and Odell Beckham Jr.

In one of the shots, the new couple shared a hot kiss."If your goal is to have a fun time with someone new, there is less of a chance of disappointment.It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of meeting "The One," but high expectations can kill the potential for actually having fun, and also cloud judgement when it comes to deciding if your date is someone who would be a good fit." Pro: I feel super relaxed when meeting Rafi, because I know our friend thinks we'll get along, and he is equally low-key. For the most part the dates weren't good," he said.But it does raise the question of whether the person is actually interested—or just being polite. )" and she briskly conveyed me a dossier of her selections titled "Whitney's Friends, The Bachelorette Gmail Style" (incidentally, a show I would watch).The expert says: "Your set-up date will most likely want to make a good impression since they are friends with your friend," according to Tillman. To which I said: Con: A lot of my friends shrugged and said they didn't know anyone they "could in good conscience recommend." Logically, the social pool must end somewhere; the odds are small that a) there are a lot of eligible people around and b) that any of them are people you'd both want to bone and talk to (a rare and incredible combination).

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The expert says: "People can feel embarrassed by the idea of being set up," says Tillman, "but if you haven’t met anyone you click with in a while, why not try?