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Posted by / 27-Oct-2019 03:09

Like in all other realms of life, you are a GO GETTER when it comes to dating.

Better yet, find your partner's type and see how he or she is. You go about your quest for love as you would go about your quest for anything else in life: with careful thought and logical execution.

On the one hand, this belief leaves you disappointed as life is not, in fact, a fairytale, and no one person will ever be able to seamlessly fill the role of “soulmate.”On the other hand, your genuine belief in the idea of relationships leaves you with a strong willful determination to do whatever it takes on your end to turn your ideas into reality. Even in the dating phase, you are determined to prove your trustworthiness and dependability as a partner.

Your constant need to check in with your partner to see how things are going is both a blessing and a curse.

You take relationships extremely seriously and are loyal to your partner.

However, problems often arise in your relationship when you focus so heavily on logic that you forget your partner’s emotional needs.

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With the people you do deem worthy of your sweet, sweet loving for the long term, your confidence, creativity and nonstop energy make you a fantastic lover both outside the bedroom and inside of it.