Entitymanager merge not updating dating an ex girlfriend

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Entitymanager merge not updating

I will get into more details about how you can reattach these entities with JPA’s method, on the other hand, is Hibernate-specific.It is, therefore, not available in other JPA implementations.

The reason I decided to write this article is that I’ve been this question asked over and over and over again.' WHERE id = 1 DELETE FROM post_comment WHERE id = 3 Post post = entity Manager.create Query( "select p " "from Post p " "join fetch p.comments c " "where = :id " "order by c.id", Post.class) Parameter("id", 1L) Single Result(); assert Equals(4, Comments().size()); assert Equals( "The JDBC part is a must have!", Comments().get(0)Review() ); assert Equals( "The book size is larger than usual.", Comments().get(1)Review() ); assert Equals( "The book has over 450 pages.", Comments().get(2)Review() ); assert Equals( "The last part is about j OOQ and how to get the most of your relational database.", Comments().get(3)Review() ); entity.Entity Manager.merge() can insert new objects and update existing ones.Why would one want to use persist() (which can only create new objects)?

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Is there a way to disable the automatic update behaviour?

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