Disadvantages of dating a rich man

Posted by / 20-Jul-2020 15:18

Sure, some women purposely seek out rich men because they only want to indulge in the finer things in life. But other women might fall in love with a man, to later find out that he’s rich. Constantly worrying about bills, buying the basic necessities, and taking care of your family impacts the type of jobs you end up applying for.Either way, being married to a rich guy has a ton of privileges that the rest of us will never be able to enjoy. Especially if you’re your own boss and truly enjoy what you’re doing. Sometimes you have to settle for stressful and completely unenjoyable work because it is better or easier pay than the career you would prefer to have.

After our breakup, knowing he took a friend of a friend out on a few ritzy dates made me totally neurotic.

The billionaire had a daughter my age, which I told myself didn’t make a difference. Being so much older than me, we were in different places in our lives.

I wanted to watch live music and sit at cocktail bars.

He wanted to fall asleep with a bowl of popcorn and satellite TV.

I wasn’t with him for the money, but knowing he had so much and wouldn’t spend it was a serious turn-off.

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At some point in every woman’s life, she fantasizes about what it might be like to date a super-rich guy. We role-play from a very young age that we’re all princesses, waiting for our Prince Charmings to roll up in a diamond-studded carriage, whisk us away to a castle, and live happily ever after without doing a day of work. After a few flirty phone calls, I wanted to know everything about the billionaire. I thought I had a pretty good idea about his character from interviews and TV appearances. What I eventually learned is that he, like many powerful and influential people, just has a really good PR team.