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After the announcement comes more fun…Preparing for baby!

One of the sweetest gifts your child will ever have is the love story of how their mommy and daddy came to be!

Have you tried adding, subtracting, multiplying, and counting on your fingers?

Find out when your baby is due with our handy pregnancy calculator.

#Score For starters, we know how life suddenly gets oh so busy when you are expecting. Our Pregnancy Reveal Surprise Box has everything you need to share your fabulous baby-on-the-way announcement in a memorable way to your spouse, family, and friends.

That being said, we gathered the best of the best pregnancy announcement ideas for you that the world has to offer! Additionally, we’ve included the sweetest ideas for how to tell your husband you’re pregnant AND the grandparents-to-be! Most importantly, this kit allows you to let the secret out and spread the joy that’s been overflowing from your heart!

This will give you an estimated date of conception, which will usually be about two weeks after the first day of your LMP.

So you will be two weeks further along in your pregnancy if it's calculated according to your LMP rather than your estimated date of conception.

The person performing the scan (sonographer) will measure your baby from his head to his bottom.

You can create your full love story for your baby with this darling baby book called Our Love Story: For Baby.

You need this in your life if you or anyone you know is preparing for a baby!

Most women ovulate about two weeks after the first day of their period, and conceive shortly afterwards.

The average pregnancy lasts between 37 weeks and 42 weeks.

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Unless you've been tracking your ovulation, there's no way to know for sure exactly when you ovulated and conceived.

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