Dating without obligation

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If you haven't heard a peep from your partner all week, see what's up.So maybe you do go out, but your partner is pulling some weird "limited quality time" stuff on you, life coach Kali Rogers tells Bustle.If this is going on, call a spade a spade, she says: "If you suddenly realize that you are on the receiving end of this behavior, you might want to start to be honest with yourself that this relationship is on the way out."Like, ever.A healthy relationship is all about helping each other talk through days both hard and good."You are constantly wondering if they are going to break up with you," she says. When things are in this state, and it seems like your partner is doing things just to spite you, either you're over it, or they are."Saturday night comes and goes with no contact," New York–based relationship expert and author April Masini tells Bustle."Unless you’re living on the moon, Saturday night is date night." Well, to be fair — not everyone goes out on Saturdays, and different things work for different people.

Similarly, if you're in an LTR and you haven't been going out much, you might want to look into why that is so.

It feels awful to have someone hanging around now and then who isn't really available and is always looking for an out.

"If you keep hearing how he or she is too busy with work, family, friends and other obligations to spend time with you," that sucks, and if they're adding, 'we'll get together soon,' they're just giving you lip service, she says.

It's important to just discuss one another's lives, and if that's not happening, it could be a sign."Interest in each other is one thing that makes relationships special, and when a person stops taking interest in what you are doing and stops sharing what they are doing, the relationship could be headed south," he says. When you dread spending time with them, that's a gut feeling of something being totally off, Caitlin K.

Roberts, founder of To Be a Slut and cofounder of I'd Tap That, tells Bustle.

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