Dating website email advice

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The best thing is to play it relatively safe in the first stages, at least until you can tell that the other person is on a similar wavelength to you and wants to communicate on the same level as you.This also applies if you are saying goodbye to someone on Parship - choose something polite and friendly, but relatively neutral, like “Best wishes” or “All the best”.

It could be that you’ve fallen into one of the traps of email dating.If someone needs simultaneous translation to understand what you’re saying, then there’s something wrong.Your mode of expression needs to be readily comprehensible.Especially in the first stages, when you’re just getting a sense for each other, it’s worth keeping things relatively brief.Keep to the point, ask and answer questions and only supply details if they are interesting. I just had to nip out to the shops for 10 minutes …” It’s great to keep in constant contact, but only if you both feel the same about it.

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There is a particular danger of this happening if you are carrying on a number of correspondences at once.

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