Dating vintage ibanez guitars dating the dumped

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Dating vintage ibanez guitars

In some cases characters are added to the beginning of the model number before the series code.Some cases where this occurs include: In some cases Ibanez produces spot models which are for sale exclusively by particular retailers in Japan.On this guitar, the top two are volume and tone for the neck pickup and the bottom two are volume and tone for the bridge pickup.There are a few sets of codes on the back of potentiometers.For guitars of recent vintage, the model number is often stamped or painted on the reverse of the instrument's headstock.For earlier instruments, the information in this article along with the serial number can be used to ascertain the model number.Common suffixes include: DX (deluxe), E (EMG pickups), FM (flamed maple top), QM (quilted maple top) and Z (Edge Zero tremolo equipped).

Fender used at least four different serializing schemes from 1950 to 1980.

These can be thought of as versions of the typical naming convention with the ones digit truncated.

An example of this naming strategy is the RG655, which is a six-string guitar with pickguard-mounted pickups in an HSH configuration.

The second (tens) digit identifies the quality class (as described above for the hundreds digit in the typical naming system).

The final digit identifying the pickup/ pickguard configuration (as described above for the tens digit.

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