Dating valley girls

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Dating valley girls

Base Mod (everything except listed under "Other")sivolobwho Other (I'm afraid I don't know these people, so I can't ask them permission.

If they get in contact with me I'd be glad to ask them personally, or otherwise remove their work and make substitutions.)Lilly Ampleton (Clint's marriage dialogue)Owlsworthy (Willy's marriage dialogue)Rhuenkun (Gus' marriage dialogue) An updated version of Siv's Marriage Mod, that I intend to fix, maintain, and eventually, expand upon.

She said YES she really wanted to make the best movie possible and she explained that you have to disguise real stories, and real life, in pulp.

You can fix this by changing "Date x (where x is the character that would be affected by the conflicting mod)" to "false". This appears to be a bug on the part of Concerned Ape, as he doesn't give his vanilla festival dialogue even without this mod. Events requirements: Lewis break ups up with Marnie: Animal Shop, Marnie at 8 hearts, be dating Marnie (I'll fix this later, and make the ability to date either of them contingent on seeing one of their break up events), has to be between 14 (2 and 6), can't have seen the opposite event, where Marnie leaves Lewis.

Wizard 10 heart event: Woods, Dating Wizard, 10 hearts, 800-1700, received magic lesson offer.

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This one has all of Siv's changes, updated for 1.3 and now configurable, so if you want to only date Willy (or whomever), you can! If you want them to look like they do in vanilla, you can. Lewis will no longer refer to Marnie, Pam, or Sandy as your husband.

If you want to use Siv's updated looks, you can do that instead. With an optional file, Sandy will attend festivals year round (recommended you don't add this until you've met her, as she will attend every Festival no matter what). He immediately asks you if you want to continue the festival.

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