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Dating the wrong people

Heartbreak, conflict, power games, disappointment, betrayal. Yes – all those things you thought you will get away from when you find that one person who truly cares for you, you get in a much stronger dose with that same person. Like any other challenging situations in life, it’s there to help us grow and heal so we can become happy.And unfortunately there is no way around that process.And if you’re not happy with what you’re attracting, here is why. It will help you avoid wasting time on people who are clearly not your match and help you understand what went wrong in the past.If you have no idea what you’re looking for in a partner and you never thought about it that way – do it. Having a list is a great start, but sometimes it’s not enough.The most important ones are those that will keep you happy and satisfied with that person for years to come, that will put a smile on your face every single day.Those things that won’t go away because they are ingrained in that person’s character.In romantic relationships we can learn the fastest, because they are so emotionally intense, so it takes less time to see where we have a weak spot.Even though it’s a hard way to learn, it’s an efficient one.

They are a way life challenges us to change and grow into stronger and happier individuals.

You have to love that part, because that’s what you’ll be waking up every day. So if you want more than you feel you can give, work on developing those qualities in yourself.

However, the biggest clue here is to understand that you need to posses the qualities you want in a partner. The more you have to give, the more you can ask in return.

But we can influence the rest, so when that inexplicable part gets activated, it does so from the right reasons.

Think about what got you drawn to someone when you were 15 versus 25 versus later in life.

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That is because we often don’t really know what kind of person will make us happy.

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