Dating someone you met at a club cnn online dating tips

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Dating someone you met at a club

They are all slight alterations, but they add up to a huge difference in her experience of you. The short answer is pretty much whenever, though sooner is better than later.

One of the great things about texting is that it allows a person to respond whenever they want. when you stagger into your apartment for the night, texting her at lunch the next day is fine.

A playful emoji two hours after you met can do more than a deliberately-crafted text two days later.

Make it something light and playful, but also flirtatious — like “Hey, it’s AJ, the guy with the unbelievably sexy eyes :-D” Now you’ve broken the ice and she has your phone number.

That is the point at which she is most likely to feel like you are someone she would like to see again.

If she’s not interested at first, don’t worry: She might like you but not the plans or she might legitimately have something to do.If you want to talk to her and you’re available, by all means, shoot her a text.If you’re busy or just not feeling particularly flirtatious at that moment, go ahead and leave the text laying there. Don’t be afraid to use emoticons, which let her know that you’re being playful and joking around.Sending her the next text will be significantly easier.Do you see how this is different from how most guys ask girls for their phone numbers? Now the question becomes: When do you text her again?

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