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“They meet young, beautiful women on dating sites who are supposedly looking for love from older wealthy individuals,” says Falzone.

When the gentlemen take the bait, “again, something dreadful happens that requires the man to send money.” Without enough cash, victims often charge the amount to rescue their dear one.

“Some questions seem innocent, like asking what your mother’s name is or what your parents do for a living.

They may ask for your home or work address to send you a gift.” Such tidbits are invaluable currency for identity thieves.

Scams vary Falzone contends that convincing people to charge up their credit cards is surprisingly easy.

The thief will befriend an online dater, then “using stolen credit cards, he’ll send jewelry, roses and claim he’s traveling.

While most people using online dating websites are genuine, charlatans comprise an uncomfortable proportion.

You’re at a severe disadvantage.” Andersen met her now ex-husband via an online dating service and says he lied about everything, took all her money and left her deep in debt.Your credit and other financial interests may be at risk if you don’t guard yourself from those falsely fishing for companionship.Here’s how to protect more than just your heart when seeking a mate via the Internet.The applicant then enters his Social Security number and other personal and financial data, which the thief uses to open new credit and loan accounts.Other scammers postpone their crimes until the real life meet-up.

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A prevalent problem Connecting with prospective matches electronically is a thrill, but hope and excitement can supersede sound judgment and fact checking.

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