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Dating rogers drums

This kit has 3-ply maple shells in excellent shape.

This kit sure shimmers with a show room like polish.

A sort of custom configured kit from Super Classic and Downbeat models. Seams are super tight, bearing edges are great, and there are no after market modifications.

Kit is in incredible condition, with a show room like shine. This kit has 3-ply maple shells and are in excellent shape. This baby was restored to a beautiful show room shine! Some of the chrome on the Bass drum T-claws show discoloration from existing rust.

It was in production for a short time, with very low turnover in production.

It became a fast favorite amongst present day players and collectors.

It has all original shell hardware: rail mount, cymbal/tom bracket, spurs and mufflers. Very bold bottom end, with gritty mid-range “breathy-ness”. These early 3ply shells offer very bold bottom end, with gritty mid-range “breathy-ness”.

It has typical wear and tear, free of any structural issue, or modifications. This finish has a way of being visually captivating with its murky-like blue pattern. The Psychedelic 60's scene is very well represented with the Mod Orange finish.

Kit is in excellent condition, with no aftermarket modifications.

The little I can tell you with any confidence is; the script badges look correct for the period, and the front hoop on the bass drum doesn't look original. John Honestly, I know very little about these drums. They are Rogers, made under license in England by Bosey Hawks/Ajax. They are 1963, with the floor tom being a later drum than the rest. The author of that article is probably the most knowledgable person alive on English Rogers Drums. There are people who know far more about English Rogers than I do.

Other than that, it looks like one sweet Rogers Cleveland kit! NOMDM is available on the web, and the author of the article does post on drum forums. There was an article in Not So Modern Drummer Magazine recently, featuring Dave Clarks English Rogers set.

The original purple within the pattern has faded to a white, common among Mod Orange.

This kit sure shimmers with a show room like polish. It definitely a kit you won't want to stop playing, or be too afraid to take out and show off. The Psychedelic Red finish is one of 3 wrap finishes to be offered by Ludwig that was inspired by the “Swingin' Scene” of the late 1960's.

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All original parts, and components, free of any aftermarket modifications. They are now polished clean with a nice clean patina look.

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