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The main feature of the Swedish character is hard work.Swedish women are quite cautious and usually reluctant to express their opinions.Lots of single pople use dating services, singles clubs and the like. But just as often they are only want to meet others and find a community which can take the place of a family.There’s no certainty that they want to relinquish their life as a single person.Sociologist Andreas Henriksson of Sweden’s Karlstad University has found this out.He visited singles clubs and participated in activities, including a two-day cruise for singles.

If you have children, do not forget to mention this, because if you are looking for a Swedish wife, this information will sooner or later come up. To the maximum, fill in your areas of interest so that a Swedish woman can immediately understand who she is dealing with.

The head of Filos is sceptical to couples who live apart. People need instructions about how to form nuclear families,” said Henriksson, when quoted in Henriksson’s doctoral thesis.

One of the women interviewed was unsure whether she can be defined as single.

Not all single activities are open to people of this category.

“Different activities for singles make different demands of participants.

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Being single today entails work on your networks of contacts, various relationships and your own self-image,” says Henriksson.