Dating old schwinns validating survey instruments

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Dating old schwinns

The pinstripe details are shaky and the colors are overwrought.Not saying we could personally do better, but if you’re going to “restore” something you need to restore it to how it was originally.Wondering why we’re calling this thing a road bike when it looks like something made exclusively for the track?It’s because racing bikes in the 1940’s were typically meant for dual duty, and despite the fact that the bike has a fixed gear and doesn’t have brakes, it was ridden on the roads. Now, to start, there were two bicycle brands named Carbine in Australia a hundred years ago.Walcott manufactured and sold Carbines from his shop on Wentworth Avenue in Sydney until 1968.

This Carbine was/is a terrific Australian road racer that handled/handles great and is/was a really comfortable bike to ride.This is a medium to large bike, and the size seems odd.Doesn’t the frame seems tall for its intended rider?In the case of this Carbine, the painter was not up to the task.The horse head badge is almost totally obscured by gobs of paint.

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