Dating management representation letter

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Dating management representation letter

The general standard of independence is set forth in S-X 2-01(b).The rule does not purport to, and the SEC could not, consider all the circumstances that raise independence concerns, and these are subject to the general standard in paragraph 2-01(b).If a principal auditor makes reference to the work of the other auditor in the principal auditor’s report on either the financial statements or ICFR, the separate report of the other auditor shall be filed.[S-X 2-05]If a principal auditor makes reference to the work of the other auditor in the principal auditor’s report, the other auditor must comply with all requirements with which the principal auditor must comply, with the exception of PCAOB registration when the other auditor does not meet the “substantial role” threshold defined in PCAOB Rule 1001(p)(ii) in the audit of the issuer.

However, relief from these requirements may be available for recently-acquired subsidiary guarantors in certain circumstances.Auditor reports on financial statements that refer to PCAOB standards must comply with the independence rules of both the SEC and the PCAOB.The SEC’s independence rules are promulgated in S-X 2-01.Accordingly, the rule sets forth restrictions, including but not limited to, on financial, employment, and business relationships between an accountant and an audit client and restrictions on an accountant providing certain non-audit services to an audit client.These restrictions are prescribed in paragraphs (c)(1) to (c)(8) of S-X 2-01.

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Financial statements previously audited by a firm whose registration has been revoked would generally need to be reaudited by a PCAOB registered firm prior to inclusion in future filings or if included in a registration statement that has not yet been declared effective.

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