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Dating love melody

Now Quinn must find out who’s trying to sabotage her, urged on by former SEAL team member and borrowed, by-the-book private investigator Frank Sexton.

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If I had to not only do the work that comes with the podcast post production but also figure out, like, a brand-new, crazy, in-depth, like, I need to find out interviews; I need to go into this; I need to, like, create my own content! And, like, we set our goals really small, and we were like, this is just our thing together.

This is us talking to each other and staying connected and being BFFs, and then it just sort of exploded! Yeah, and then after that, we were, like, very fast friends, because we discovered that we have, if not the same opinions about things, we dearly love a lot of the same things, and, like, you know, we were working with the same students, and the students would come away with much different insights from us, but they both wanted –Melody: – to coach with us again, because they, they realized that both were valuable, and so, yeah, and then Erin actually, we were only friends very, for a very short period of time in person.

We essentially tell you the plot and the awesome and what we find, like, weird or whatever as sort of a private book club, but that, you know, you have access to.

And we go on comedy tangents and, like, you know, it’s a whole thing. Yeah, and we, we were those friends who would go three, six months and then, and, like, be still really good friends, but then we would have a marathon, like, seven-to-nine-hour phone call.

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And, as they mentioned during the show, their FB group is the Heaving Bosoms Geriatric Friendship Cult. You can talk to us on the blog entries for the podcast or talk to us on Facebook if that's where you hang out online.

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