Dating indigo people uva online dating

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Dating indigo people

~ Have a bond/connection to the trees, and nature in general. ~ Feel very comfortable lounging, and would rather sit on the floor on a pillow than in a hard, uncomfortable chair.(Would prefer sitting on the floor in school, and business meetings if they could get away with it!) ~ Are very attracted to soft natural fabrics in their cloths and fuzzy blankets are the ultimate!~ Many times get very impatient with someone who doesn’t get to the point quickly! ~ Involve themselves in human/animal rights efforts. A place to discover who we really are in our indigo consciousness. First Wave Indigo Profiles These are some of the qualities and challenges that First Wave Indigos experience.

~ Have a strong sense of truth, ethics, justice and freedom.

~ Intense longing for "their own kind" (Soul Mates) but don't know where to look. NOTE: If you read some of the poorly written correspondence from some of these First Wave Indigos, you would assume they were uneducated and nearly illiterate, but the truth is, that these same people can also be speed readers and can absorb information in seconds that would take others minutes to understand and retain. ~ Many find themselves in "Alternative Schools." ~ Female Indigos seem to be able to cope better with the school systems than their male counterparts.

~ Many are labeled "Dyslexic" and find themselves in "Special Classes" at school that usually never work for them.

In these venues they can "pretend to be someone else" when actually they are using this as an outlet to vent and express their own views and pent up emotions.

It is also a place for "misfits" to find a place of refuge and "fit in". I was a different child in my family, hyperactive, occupied…Continue Started by Sahar Nov 5, 2016.

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~ Indigos have an evolved awareness of how things work, therefore, many of the rigid rules and methods of learning Math, English, and Physics (NOT metaphysics or quantum physics) make no sense to them.

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