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Dating husband after separation

Suddenly, everyone has a psychology degree and dabbles in marriage counseling.

Breaking the news to friends elicited one of two reactions.

Instead of telling the kids we are still a family, I say we still are family.

It would make life a hell of a lot easier to foresee the consequences of my decisions — particularly that of separating from my wife.

My go-to reply is the ability to gorge on food without gaining a pound.

It’s not quite a superpower but ask any man over 40, and they’d choose super metabolism over super hearing every damn time.

Guilt weighs heavy on my mind every time I drop off the kids or when I’m not around. I’ve been listening to motivational speeches every morning during my morning run.

In the advice from entrepreneurs, engaging speakers, and occasionally a few fictional characters, each extolls the same nugget about living in the past: It’s never healthy or constructive. There’s no way to change what has already occurred. The past involves guilt and must be forgotten to move forward. Sure, I still feel twinges of remorse about not being around to tuck them in every night or being the face to greet them first thing in the morning, but every day gets a little more comfortable as the entire family settles into the new normal.

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Now I’m twice as worried about everything — especially the kids because I’m not around them as much — and lay awake at night thinking about the bills, the house, and all the issues I’m now handling on my own.

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