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If your answer is 9 then you’re a control freak and you to find a priest to help you fight that devil inside of you.

In this detailed guide, you’ll find Tinder Profile Picture Tips that are guaranteed to increase your matches. Here are three ways you can be in your Tinder photos, instead of looking like a cuckboy, following other people’s lead. Just remember the rules when taking off your shirt: When using a shirtless photo on your online dating profile, remember this: Mirror selfies and any other type of selfies are out of the question.(I THINK this quote was by Casanova himself, but I struggle finding the source.Feel free to correct me in the comments.) Either way, it’s a damn nice quote. The guys that do stick to their plan, are usually disciplined men. And another reason to show your body in one of your photos. It would still have the badass-extreme-sports vibe. Anyway, the point I want to focus on here is #3: You’ll radiate discipline. Then you’ll know that transforming your body isn’t easy as pie.

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And should you be the rare gem that doesn’t make any of these mistakes, then save a friend from collecting some serious panda points by sharing these tips with him. How do you show her that you’ve got your shit together when you aren’t jacked? If you did a presentation at your hobby club for six fellow hobbyists… If you came in at any impressive spot at whatever event… If you won anything as a kid, and you have a photo of it… This tip is easy to use, doesn’t require you to do anything, and makes her laugh!