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Don't talk to your parents at a time when they're stressed or distracted.If you're angry or frustrated, wait until you've calmed down before you talk to your parents.Whether you have general questions or need advice on a situation, approaching your parents in an open-minded and respectful manner will help you get the support you need. If you're not sure, try writing your thoughts down.Approach your parents when they're not busy, or ask them when you can talk to them about something. When you have your discussion, clearly state the situation and tell your parents whether you need advice, help or permission, or if you just want to talk.Signs of a unhealthy relationship include extreme possessiveness, being put down by your partner in front of others, pressure to have sex and physical threats or abuse, such as grabbing, hitting or shoving.Abusive partners may also refuse to take your opinions seriously, make all the decisions, check on you frequently and refuse to accept a breakup.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to your parents, talk to another trusted adult, such as an aunt or uncle, coach, teacher or school counselor.

The Girlfriend Jeans The girlfriend jean is a more feminine version of the boyfriend jean.

It’s a more classic fit – tighter and higher on the hip, with a tapered slim straight leg. While the boyfriend jean can be too baggy for your frame, the girlfriend fits just right and is our personal favorite.

Richards earned a master's degree at Carnegie Mellon University.

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The Boyfriend Jean The boyfriend jean can be traced back to Marilyn Monroe, who wore a loose-fitting pair back in the ’60s.