Dating for shy men

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You are simply great for who you are, you just need to be comfortable and confident about yourself.

Don’t change yourself, just be genuine, be confident, be yourself, you will do great!

Some people are simply better at talking to people, that's their strength, but no need to become frustrated that you can't do it as well as they can.

Everyone has their own unique talents and abilities, and the smart person looks for ways to even the playing field and this is your way to do just that.

Most shy guys have the first hurdle licked with a woman that they are interested in but fall flat on their face at this hurdle.

Friend zones (I hate that word) are a thing because you guys don’t communicate your intentions clearly.

You got a crush on a girl but you are just unable to approach her?

Ever heard of the phrase, “don’t be too available.” Yeah, don’t.She’ll keep you as a friend (if she likes you as a person) because you haven’t told her otherwise, and if you leave it long enough she’ll view you as a sexless friend she can tell everything about her relationships with, just not any relationship she views you in with her, ever.To be clear there’s nothing wrong with being friends with women, but if you have a romantic interest in this woman it’s only fair and honest to communicate this to her very early on.Don’t let these instances deter your dating life, it happens to everyone. Here are a few tips that would be useful for all the shy guys in dating: Most guys deal with shyness on one or the other level.And being shy is not your identity, it is just a part of you. There is nothing wrong with it, but just don’t let your shyness hinder your life.

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After knowing some people for ten minutes I generally have a good idea if I want to be in their presence or stay a million miles away. So, basically, make sure she’s aware that you exist.

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