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Source: If you are in public or with other friends or family in Japan, your Japanese partner will most likely not show an open display of affection such as hand holding, touching, kissing or verbal expressions of love.

It doesn’t mean that the person does not love or care about you.

Unlike some cultures, Japanese people do not tend to share their emotions or words directly.

Instead, it is best to watch their facial expressions to see what they are trying to say. However, after you get to know the person, you can learn to read their facial and body expressions.

Americans (for example) tend to voice their thoughts in an aim to prove their point.

While Japanese people generally want the respect of his or her partner and for the partner to listen to their ideas without interruption.

Some important dates are: February 14 (Valentine’s Day – opposite to Western traditions – women give men chocolate); March 14 (White Day – men give women chocolate); December 24 (special day for dating couples), anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

This can also be true if you and your significant other travel or live in another country outside of Japan.For many cultures, open displays of affection are considered standard daily practices.However, if you are dating a Japanese person, you will need to understand the difference between public and private as well as “location, location, location.” Public affection is a common concern among internationals dating Japanese individuals.We have dated both in Japan/United States and long distance.We also have many friends who are married and are not of the same nationality (one is Japanese; the other is another nationality). The marriage ratio and representative countries of citizens married to Japanese nationals can be seen from statistics stated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.

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My friends and I who have dated or married Japanese nationals have found that our Japanese partners (both male and female) tend to show more open affection in locations outside of Japan.

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