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The software helps identify potential diverters, building a safe and secure environment for patients.

One of the leading medication-usage reporting tools is from Pandora Data Systems, which leverages hospitals' existing ADCs and integrates the import process into the work flow.

Early detection can allow hospitals to correct employee behavior before it becomes necessary to impact their employment.

Drug diversion can occur in all clinical areas, including: falsification of medication administration documentation, replacement of a vial of a controlled drug (e.g., morphine) with saline, excessive wastage (without actual witnessing), shorting doses of patient medications, substitution of non-controlled drugs, discrepancies between actual vs.

The reports themselves are not always easy to navigate, and identifying diversion trends can be difficult.

To address this concern, several companies are offering compatible software programs to run data reports on ADCs to monitor medication-usage patterns.

system medication counts and intentional miscounts (both restocking on the floors and the central pharmacy and activities within stores and the vault).

Prevention measures and proper reporting of drug diversion to authorities are critical to reducing drug diversions and protecting patients.If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.NEW DELHI: The Delhi airport today saw 29 diversions and over 50 delays due to strong winds and rains in Delhi in the evening that impacted operations for over one and a half hours.“There have been 29 diversions as strong winds impacted operations between 1746 hrs to 1923 hrs,” said a Delhi airport source.The flights were diverted to nearby airports like Jaipur, Lucknow and others.

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The report indicated that a nurse had been replacing fentanyl with saline, often referred to as substitution of medication, and the diversions potentially involved more than 350 patients over a one-month period.