Dating conn saxophones

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There are lots of variations on the Martin theme, and below are the ones that I think you should consider.

The early ones are mostly seen in silver, add 15% for gold plate. I’ve seen a couple of Committee models with sterling silver necks. MARTIN HORNS THROUGH 1933 Soprano straight 00 Soprano curved 00 Alto $ 800 Alto “Typewriter” $ 1600 C soprano 00 C melody $ 800 Tenor $ 800 Tenor “Typewriter” $ 2400 Baritone $ 2200 Baritone “Typewriter” $ 3500 Bass $ 7000 THE MARTIN, MUSIC MAN, AND MAGNA Alto $ 2000 Alto Magna $ 2300 Tenor $ 3000 Tenor Music Man 00 very rare, but fabulous!

There are, of course, a very few Super 20 baritones, some with silver necks (add 15%) and I have seen one with a silver bell.

I think the Kings have strong upside appreciation potential.

I would encourage those critics to do their own research and publish their own findings.The later examples have snap in pads and Norton springs. Most of the examples you will find will be in a satin silver finish. Sopranino $ 2100 Straight soprano $ 2000 Curved soprano $ 2200 deduct 20% if keyed to Eb only C soprano 00 MUST have original mouthpiece!! These horns are much more desirable than any of their ancestors. Some had sterling silver necks (add 20%), very few were silver plated (add 20%), I’ve seen a gold one, although I was not totally convinced it was original. Brown rollers always, as well as snap in pads and Norton springs.C melody $ 800 Alto $ 900 Straight Alto ,000 Tenor 00 Baritone $ 2500 Bass $ 7000 NEW ARISTOCRAT 255XXX – 270XXX There are only alto and tenor horns in this series. Physical appearance is similar to the True Tone, but the neck is different, the keyguards are more deluxe. They will always have snap in pads and Norton springs. You’ll be unlikely to find them in anything but lacquer. Alto $ 1800 Tenor $ 2300 ARISTOCRAT 290XXX – 325XXX “BIG B” The name comes from the bell engraving. Alto 00 Tenor $ 2200 Baritone 00 ARISTOCRAT 330XXX – 360XXX I think these are often overlooked and underpriced. Toward the high end of the serial number range you begin to see some examples that look like 400 bells on Aristocrat bodies.COUF From 1965 until 1988, these fine German horns (manufactured by J. I understand there were a few made with sterling silver bells.After the mid 1950’s, the Zephyr became an intermediate model, so deduct 30%.

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Relacquers are generally worth 25% less than 100% originals.