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Dating at the upper larum

Following shoulder labrum surgery, return to basic daily activities (keyboarding, light office work) can occur within days; general movement is typically restored within four to six weeks; and basic strength and endurance can often be restored in two to three months.

For highly competitive athletes, it may take six to 12 months of thorough rehabilitation to reach peak performance, with overhead athletes such as baseball pitchers needing the most time.

If you have questions about shoulder injuries including labrum tears, please call Jim C.

Hsu MD at The Polyclinic Orthopedic Department at 206-860-5578 for expert diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.

Another common labrum tear, the SLAP (superior labrum, anterior to posterior) tear, occurs at the junction with the long biceps tendon.

This area is under multiple stress factors, and can tear from trauma or overuse, especially in overhead-sport athletes such as baseball pitchers, basketball and volleyball players.

A traumatic shoulder dislocation often tears the labrum off bone.One section of this cartilage, the labrum, rings the glenoid to deepen the socket and make the ball of the humerus fit more securely.The anterior labrum is the part of this structure located toward the front of the body.The function of articular cartilage is also different, as this tissue serves to allow a full range of motion in the joint by cushioning the bones.The erosion of this cartilage can lead to osteoarthritis.

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If the tear fails to heal on its own, it can lead to recurrent shoulder instability.

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