Dating and younger men

Posted by / 14-Aug-2020 05:39

Dating and younger men

The idea that younger women should aim to find older, more successful men is definitely antiquated in 2019.In fact, It’s worth noting that for LGBTQ couples, an age gap is more likely to be overlooked.

I mean, I'd love to watch a rom-com in which recent red-carpet BFFs Glenn Close and Timothée Chalamet (also known as Glennothée) fall madly in love.“There’s much less judgment about age gaps in non-heterosexual relationships, because we don’t have the same preconceived notions about what’s ‘appropriate’ and what’s not,” she explains.For women seeking men, though, old-fashioned gendered ideas around age still persist for many.In the paparazzi photo, seen above, Beckinsale, 45, with her open coat and knee-high boots looks hot AF.Davidson, 25, leads the way in a graphic sweatshirt as a lollipop dangles from his mouth.

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But do you remember the backlash when the OGs of this trend, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, first began dating in 2009? "People made such a fuss about it you would have thought the world had never seen it before," Moore once said of the public fascination.