Dating and chemical dependency

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Dating and chemical dependency

Here are some things for the addict to remember when it comes to sex: 1.

Talk about sexual feelings of guilt and anger in order to heal.

The addict learns that their recovery depends upon addressing feelings and emotions.

For many, it may be a good idea to wait six months, or even a year, before beginning a new sexual relationship. Start over by focusing on really learning about your own body and feelings.

When we begin to neglect our responsibilities—work, family, friends—in search of personal pleasure, we then call this phenomenon an addiction.

And, when someone comes to the end of the rope with addiction, they often recognize that the only way to undo the damage is to go into what we call sobriety, or recovery.

For example, many professionals point to early sexual abuse as the place where some anxieties began.

It has been recognized that childhood sexual abuse is a risk factor in drug dependence.

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All of these are, indeed, important items on the road of recovery.

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