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If someone clicks, joins or upgrades our affiliate program software show you this instantly.Ever wondered why your current providers affiliate program isn't in real-time?Our network focuses exclusively on dating websites.Affiliate2Day provides a support service that helps affiliates optimize their campaigns.We understand that a super affiliate will send traffic to who ever pays the best and asking you to increase traffic for a greater share is just nonsensical.From years of experience here are some of the things we know we do better than some of the others you may have tried.Are they are useless at coding or are they using the time to fiddle your numbers and skim and bit off to the side?You may have experienced affiliate skimming before when you promote two different programs and the free to paid conversion rates vary drastically from the same traffic sources, the skimmer offsets this with large CPA offers.

Our affiliate program connects your website visitors with meaningful services, thereby generating a dependable stream of revenue without you having to lift a finger.

We have developed a powerful suite of marketing tools to help you leverage web traffic more effectively and craft a targeted approach to monetized outreach. group of websites; we specialize in international matchmaking and marriage.

People around the world are actively looking for one that is right for them; we help people connect in meaningful ways thanks to great platforms like Be Happy2Day, One Wife, Asian Singles2Day, and All Tver Ladies.

Unless you own a social networking site or dating site it can be difficult to segment the traffic.

You will not waste any of your traffic with Pure Payout as almost all of it can be converted into sales.

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