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Dating a taiwan coin

We apologize for not having all types currently listed, but here are about a thousand of them and it will be some time before all are available. century coins are undated and depend on the ruling emperor of the time.The date is indicated by the emperor's era name (using its Kanji symbols) followed by the year of the emperor's reign.

The symbol for year (年) is always at the end of the date, so if you see it at the left-hand end of a number, read it from right-to-left; if you see it at the right-hand end, read it left-to-right.

Just for the Chinese numerals there is a Japanese section on here ... Surprised we don't have the Chinese converter on here yet. a member runs a site that has calendar converters, including Chinese ...

For example, Heisei year 3 would correspond to 1991 (year 1 is 1989, year 2 is 1990, and year 3 is 1991).

Here are the dates for the coins pictured above: Comparison to Taiwan Coins Coins from Taiwan use the same number symbols as Japanese coins, so it is easy to mistake them for each other.

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Coins from some provinces used the Arabic AH system of dating (see Dating Arabic coins section for help).

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