Dating a non triathlete

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Even for long distance events such as an Ironman, without rest days you won’t get fitter and inevitably you will become overtrained and your progress with stagnant.

You will also risk repetitive strain injuries such as tendinitis and Chondromalacia patellae (which is a fancy way of staying runner’s knee).

Yes, it is a great way to focus your sessions but it is not an island of fitness – and anyway you must be sick of commuting on the underground in rush-hour?

That bike/run commute can be an excellent way to build up power – need to take panniers on your old steel bike to fit all those work clothes in?

Ultimately this is an excellent way to get some training in if your partner absolutely refuses your gym session application that evening – BUT don’t let it be a substitute for focused training also – like to see you pull off a 112mile Ironman bike leg on a 8 mile commuting timetable!

Tip 4: Use racing to train I have been reading alot about the post-War Italian pro-cyclists and their well-known habit of using the early season races to get into shape.

” – unknown Ok I couldn’t find the right quote – something along the lines of its a sad world when people drive to the gym for a workout. Yes the ‘gym’ has some great equipment – weights are a very useful part of any endurance training – but don’t get into the mindset that the gym is some magical location where all the fitness must be done.I’m certainly going to need it with my Deca Ironman![Dear gf, if you are reading this I swear it was just a post idea that popped in my head![That Elephant reference wasn’t a statement of your partner!] No doubt many of you have very considerate partners which embrace how you are redefining yourself through the challenge that is the Ironman (or whatever endurance race you are doing). However if your triathlon coach just handed you a training schedules which looks like a maths exam and you are wondering ‘how the hell am I going to do this with a kid on the way’ well here is a few tips.

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Although riders like the great Coppi soon realised they could gobble up race wins with a bit of effort in the pre-season interval, in the modern office world – and one where you have to use every excuse in the bag to get away from the shackles of domestic bliss – a Saturday with the cycling/running/swimming (not forgetting that bit of the tri!

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