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Dating a man with tbi

An ambulance took him to the nearest emergency department, where a brain scan showed bleeding in the space between his skull and brain. The operation was successful—Lee was healthy and strong at 23—but he had a prolonged hospital stay and required extensive rehabilitation.While in the hospital, Lee developed seizures and had episodes of agitation immediately after he was admitted, but both conditions resolved over time.Aggression after TBI is thus not criminal violence, in which criminals plot and plan, execute a crime, then make their planned escape.

Aggression can occur soon after the TBI or months later.

Aggression can manifest as cursing, threatening, hitting, pushing, yelling, or breaking or throwing things.

It is more common after repeated injuries and severe injuries.

Risk factors for developing aggression after TBI include having a TBI at a young age, alcohol or substance abuse problems before or after the TBI, injury to specific parts of the brain such as the frontal and temporal lobes, and the onset of mood problems after the TBI.

Even though TBI is more common in males than in females, most research studies have not shown significant gender differences in rates of aggression.

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In the chronic period (3 months or more after the TBI), aggression can be associated with clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alcohol or illicit drug use and/or chronic pain.

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