Dating a man twice my age psychology techniques for dating

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Dating a man twice my age

I first met my partner, a man 26 years my senior, on a casual Wednesday night.

My roommate and I arrived at a restaurant with mutual friends, where my future partner and I were introduced to each other.

A simple hello and a smile were exchanged between us and because he and I were both single, his best friend and my roommate motioned for the two of us to sit together at dinner. As it turned out, he was as stubborn as I was under the spotlight.

We sat at opposite ends of the table and we carried on with our night.

But we deal with it because we want to make this partnership work. The most admirable thing about him is that he’s lived through some of the darkest days, and he understands life is too short not to love who you love while you still have the chance.There is this fascination with trying to unravel a non-traditional couple you don’t know and figure out why they would be together.We assume the older person is somehow taking advantage of the younger, or the younger person has ulterior motives, like a financial gain.A few months ago, at our two-year anniversary dinner, we experienced the worst customer service we’d had in a long time.Our server almost seemed annoyed we were seated in his section.

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And since that night, any moment we could spend together, we did. In case it slipped your mind, this isn’t a regular love story.