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Helix Reports can even help you generate quickbooks online consolidated financial statements.

And the best part, you get it done in a single click.

You want to know the answer to a simple financial question, e.g. However, if your company is of decent size, it’s probable that your accounting team uses multiple Quick Books company files to record your data.

All of the above reasons are true of reporting in general.Excel is good for ad-hoc analysis but is not good at ongoing reporting.If you want consistent, reliable, ongoing reporting of Financial data across multiple entities, Intuit recommends #3 below…Consolidated financial reporting is typically a very manually intensive process but with Helix Reports, you can stop consolidating financial statements eliminating entries because we put all the hard work into our financial statement consolidation software, and you get it done in a single click. There are 16 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Whether you need to evaluate liquidity, simplify collections or consolidate balance sheets across diverse holdings, Helix combs through multiple financial data sources, Quick Books files from multiple companies and custom records to give you instant, up-to-date reports.

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