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Consolidating college access loans

* The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is different from the actual interest rate because the APR considers fees and reflects the cost of your loan as a yearly rate.

The APR calculation assumes a loan of ,000, a fixed interest rate of 5.74% or variable interest rate of 4.93%, a loan fee of 3.75% and a 10-year repayment term.

When comparing rates from different lenders, be sure to pay attention to additional key differences, such as fees, before making a final decision (Earnest has no fees, for what it’s worth).

The next step is to submit an application, and provide any additional required verification, such as IDs or pay stubs.

Fixed interest rate loans often start with a higher interest rate, but that rate is locked in for the life of the loan.

When you’re ready to accept your loan, you can choose to refinance less than the requested amount (as long as it’s above ,000) or up to 105% of your approved amount. When considering refinancing your federal student loans, it is important to review the current protections and benefits you are granted with those loans, and understand which of those you may be giving up when refinancing with a private lender like Earnest.

But at Earnest, your credit score isn’t the only factor we consider when evaluating your application.

We look at data other lenders don’t (like your savings, education, and earning potential) to offer fair rates that are customized to you.

Once you’re approved, you sign a few documents and indicate the loans you’d like to refinance.

Your new lender will pay off these old loans, and voila, you have a shiny new refinanced student loan.

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You can complete our simple online application by clicking here.

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