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Christian patience dating

Stormie Omartian goes on to write: “Paul makes it clear that not only are we supposed to desire patience, we’re to pursue it.(See: 1 Timothy .) If you’re like me, the thought of pursuing patience doesn’t bring forth shouts of joy and excitement! Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:1-2: ‘’ So how do we pursue patience? Prayer has an amazing way of helping us become more patient.

So each time you find yourself in a situation where you have to make yourself pursue patience, try to think about how perfect and godlike you’re becoming.

Patience means working on growing deeper in your relationship with God, especially when it appears that the only thing growing deeper in your life is the divide between you and your mate.

Patience means remembering that it could be worse [except in cases of abuse].

It’s deciding to overlook some irritating things and, instead, think about the eternal future set before you.

This means knowing that because you didn’t divorce when you considered it, but determined to be patient instead, your whole family can now celebrate holidays and birthdays and life together.

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For example, my friend can pray for his wife who’s always late and ask God how he can help her be on time. Prayer sets something in motion, even your spouse —though that may not seem immediately detectable.” Stormie goes on to write other ways to pursue patience.

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